Isca Sullo Ionio
Provincia di Catanzaro, Calabria, Italia
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View of Isca from road.
View of Isca from the back.
Easter Procession 1963
Photo Contributed by
Domenico (Antonio) Tropiano
Entrance to Isca Sullo Ionio
Elementary School Photo with
Teacher Professore Lentini.
Isca Sullo Ionio ca. 1958
Photo Contibuted by Alida Mirarchi
1931 Wedding Isca Sullo Ionio
Paola Annina Varano walking with
her fatherinlaw Ferdinando Vivaldo
Beach at Isca Marina
Aloisio Family Circa 1910
Isca Sullo Ionio
Church- San Nicola
San Marziale July 1973
Easter 2000 Our Lady dressed
in black, prior to meeting Jesus
after he has risen
Our Lady of Annunciation
2004 Padre Antonio
and Mayor Mirarchi
SS. Annunzita 2004
Procession August 2006
S.S. Annunziata Led by
Don Antonio Varano
Easter Procession 2000
with then Pastor Don Gigi
1956 Procession Led by             
  Monsignor Miriello
Photo Contributed by
Dominic and Rosina Dominianni
Aloisio Family
Isca Sullo Ionio Circa 1945
From Top Left- Saverio Aloisio, Rosa Varano
Rosina Aloisio. Bottom Left- Bruno Aloisio
Marziale Aloisio, Elvira and Vincenzo Aloisio
50 Years Ago
Marianna Cristiano &  Antonio Mannello
Photo Contibuted by
Dominic and Rosina Dominianni
View of Isca in September
Photo by Jeff Pupo
Antonio Bressi and his wife Maria
Teresa (Mannello) Bressi and their
family. He founded Bressi's Meat
Market in Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, in
1924.Photo Contibuted by Chris Bressi
Procession 1972
San Marziale
Toronto, Canada
The Family of Antonio Scicchitano
and his wife Concetta Calabretta, of
Mt Carmel and Atlas, Pennsylvania.
Photo Showing Destruction
After The Earthquake, To
The Top Of The Town
Marziale Varano
ca. 1970
Isca Sullo Ionio
Isca Sullo Ionio
Earthquake May 1947
Rear view leading up
and out of town.
Palazzo Cosentino-Rovito
Marziale Varano with daughter
Alida Mirarchi and his wife
Marietta Manello
View of Isca from road
    Saverio Pittelli
Famous Lawyer from
Isca Sullo Ionio died 1989
Beautiful Family Farm in an
area, known as Carrera.
Farm View of Isca
The Most Narrow Home in Isca.
Photo by Anthony De Piante
August 2006
SS. AnnunziataProcession
Antipasto Isca Style
Photo by Jeff Pupo
Interior View of Chiesa
SS Annunziata. Photo
by Anthony De Piante
Old Houses
Via Porta Marina
Old House At Via Borgo
View of the Ionion Sea.
Balcony  View
Easter 2000
Remembering Soldiers of Isca
World War I Memorial
Calvario di Spartuso
Dedication Day
February 28, 1932
Municipal Building
Closeup View of Town
Saint Marziale
July 1987
Via Tommaso
Photo by Jeff Pupo
Isca Sunrise
Ruins of the Church,
La Chiesa San Giovanni
Traffic Was Bad Today in Isca.
Photo by Anthony De Piante
August 2004
Shooting Fireworks
From The Donkey
Via Regina Elena
Cute Little Guy
View of Farm
1999 Saint Marziale Festival
Kulpmont Pennsylvania
View Of The Sea From
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