Benvenuti       Welcome To Isca Sullo Ionio
Thank you, for visiting my website about the beautiful town of Isca Sullo Ionio, located in the
Province of Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy.  This is the Home Page, your entrance into the site's many
pages of Photographs, History, Genealogy, Churches and Religion, Goverment, Isca's
Philadelphia Connection and  more.  The site is new, so please stop back often to see new and
exciting additions.  It is my pleasure to offer you this inside look of my wife's hometown and my
second home.  Please, visit the About Me Page, to understand why I decided to build this site.  I
hope this becomes a meeting place of the people of Isca and its descendants, throughout the
world. With more research on another trip scheduled to Isca shortly and with your help and
contributions of family history information and photos.  I hope to really expand on the Genealogy
and Family Histories of Isca and its descendants.  I invite you to contact my via e-mail or using by
the feedback page.  Again, thank you. I hope you enjoy your visit.
The Family Tree Of Isca Sullo Ionio
    Isca Sullo Ionio            
Provincia di Catanzaro, Calabria, Italia
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